EOSS - Herbanism : CD

track listing:
drum and bass space dub
ethereal tribalism
peculiar softness
beautiful sadness

"It's great to hear excellent domestic electronic music that covers a lot of ground without sounding forced. Paying respect to electronic-music masters past and present, C (a.k.a. Jake Trussell) Layers his melodic excursions into drum and bass, dub and trance over moody, grayish electronic atmospheres, which imbue his creation with a distinctive voice. This CD falls more on the chillout side of the electronic fence, which may disappoint those looking for more standard dancefloor fare. But with so much attention being given to European and British electronica, C reminds us not to forget those Americans currently mastering the art of noise."
- Alternative Press magazine

"Employing tenets from the spectrum of dance music, herbanism is a cool thing. Exploring ambient, drum and bass, funky breakbeat, electronic, and dub, C, a.k.a., Jake Trussell gives props to the Orb, King Tubby, Boogie Down all in one breath. It's nice to see so many influences at work with in a collection that evolves into some pretty funky stuff. Respect."
- URB magazine

"High marks to Trussell for technical skills and rhythmic inventiveness..."
- Option magazine

"Sit back and relax; close your eyes and clear your mind of everything. Allow Herbanism, a very fitting name, to take you on a journey. Drift away and awaken into meditation. Trance through the ambiance...thick like fog, yet free flowing. This mood will move you into a fast jungle beat with funky, phat, thick analogue waves of progression. You will soon find yourself outdoors with earth sounds, simplicity, centeredness, and above the landscape following the wind. Herbanism takes you on a sweet, mellow, dreamlike trance. Track four takes the traveler into a happy, groovy, dub reality, full of positivity. Track five brings you back out onto the plains with raw drumming and more outside sound visions. You are participating in a tribal gathering of true celebration of cosmic connectivity. The winds in Herbanism send you drifting once again with beats to keep you afloat and moving onwards into wondrous reality."
- Outburn magazine

"If you like a range of chill-out music from the Orb to Bill Laswell to Aphex Twin you'll like this a lot."
- Drop magazine

Herbanism was released in 1996, and is now our of print.