EOSS - Wroller Wreck : 12" EP

"Taking listeners and clubgoers on a musical ride." -Mixmag

"Balance defined" -Decontrol magazine

The first EOSS release, "Herbanism," won critical acclaim for its fusion of drum & bass, triphop, ambient-dub, and soundscapes. The Wroller Wreck 12" EP shows a rougher side of EOSS. Distorted basslines growl and pull against chaotic breakbeats. Acid tweaks weave amongst pounding jungle beats, and it is still a journey through various styles, from the deep dub interludes of magical condition, to the serene melodies of percussive wave, to the hiphop and dancehall excursions of Who Are You.

click here to listen to some sound files form wroller wreck.

track listing:
one sound becomes many
who are you
magical condition
percussive wave

wroller wreck was released in 1998 and is now out of print.